• Section 504

    Child Find:  The district coordinates efforts between Special Education Department and the Section 504 Department to make reasonable efforts to identify, locate and evaluate student with disabilities who reside within Denver City ISD boundaries.  As part of the Child Find effort, the District shall annually publish the Child Find Notice on the school website, local newspaper, and other locations likely to be seen by Parents of eligible students (such as public library, doctor’s office, or local daycares).    Additionally, every teacher within the District should have information regarding the District’s overall early intervention process and understand how to initiate a 504 referral.

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provides for certain protections and, in some cases, services for students with disabilities. A child with a disability (which is defined as a child with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, or a child with a record of such a disability [such as but not limited to diabetes, asthma, motor impairments, ADHD, hearing impairments, etc.]) may be eligible for a Section 504 Plan. Denver City ISD looks at each child’s individual needs when determining if a Section 504 plan is appropriate; parents and guardians are critical partners in determining whether a Section 504 plan is needed. 



    504 Director

    Kristin Peters (806) 592-6057 or kristin.peters@dcisd.org


    Dodson Primary

    Jessica Flores (806) 592-6053 or jessica.flores@dcisd.org


    Kelley Elementary

    Leah Esquivel  (806) 592-6024 or kristin.peters@dcisd.org


    Bill Gravitt Jr. High

    Patricia Rodriguez (806) 592-6607 or patricia.rodriguez@dcisd.org


    High School

    Patricia Rodriguez (806) 592-6607 or patricia.rodriguez@dcisd.org