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    Krebs’s 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety

    "Yes, I realize that’s an ambitious title for a blog post about staying secure online, but there are a handful of basic security principles that — if followed religiously — can blunt the majority of malicious threats out there today." - Brian Krebs


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Articles for Educators at DCISD

  • Nine Tutorials for Making Your Own Mobile App

    Glide is a service that anyone can use to create a mobile app without doing any coding. Glide lets you take one of your Google Sheets and have the information become a mobile app.

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  • ReadWorks Offers Free Summer Reading Packets

    Summer will be here soon (in the northern hemisphere) and ReadWorks has free summer reading packets that you can send home with your students.

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  • Explained: like-farming

    The difference between legitimate like-farmers and scammers? Scammers will often transform those popular posts into completely different sites that trick users into giving away their personal information, forking over money or credit card details, or clearing out their crypto wallets.

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  • Kahoot! Introduces Smart Practice for Challenge Feature

    With the new Smart practice, learners can re visit previous kahoots or challenges where they answered some questions incorrectly. They will be prompted to start it when a game is completed. 

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  • Boclips Launches Curated, Secure Video Platform for Educators

    Boclips for Teachers allows teachers to simply cut and paste links, supplementing lessons in any school subject with short video clips that capture and keep students’ attention. 

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