• Class Expectations


    1. Be Responsible

    2. Be Respectful

    3. Be Safe


    1. 1--one subject spiral that can be put into your notebook (Pre-AP needs 2-one subject spirals.)

    2. notebook paper

    3. blue or black ink pens (No funny colored pens please!)

    4. 1 two  inch notebook

    5.  dividers

    6. 1 highlighter any color

    Grading Policy 

          1.    3 types of grade        
                    a. daily work

                    b. tests and quizzes

                    c. unit test or tests


          2.    Weight of grades

                    a. daily grades will count 60%

                    b. test and quiz grades will be 30% of the six week grade

                    c. unit test or tests  20%


         3.       Semester Exam

                      a. The semester exam will count as 25% of the semester grade.

                          (3 – 6 wk. averages plus the semester exam, divided by 4)


         4.        End of Course Test

                       a. 15% of final average