Dr. Kathy Wilde

  • I begin my fourth year as assistant principal this year and my 27th year in education. I love our school and I am proud to be a part of the DCISD family and the Denver City community. 
    I measure my success by the students I have empowered and positively influenced over the years. Students deserve to be seen, not only for who they are right now, but also for the great men and women they will become. I want all of my students to know that their current circumstances do not determine what or who they will become. They are the masters of their own destinies, and it is our job as educators to give these young people the tools they need to be successful in their chosen career paths. As educators, we may never fully know the impact we have made on the lives of our students. However, it is that ONE student who comes back to us, sometimes years later, who reminds us of the tremendous impact we have had on their lives.
    Roll, Red, Roll!