Denver City ISD is committed to providing an excellent environment for all students. This year’s Virtual Instruction will be different from the Remote Learning last Spring.

    Virtual Instruction courses will be taught by certified Denver City ISD teachers using Texas Home Learning 3.0 for grades PK-5 and Edgenuity for grades 6-12, online learning management systems used to streamline all digital resources and content for a more connected learning experience.


    Virtual Learning at a Glance

    • A parent must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the student will complete the entire nine-weeks grading period virtually.
    • This will not be live instruction. A structured schedule will be provided to students indicating required times for participation.
    • Virtual Learners waive participation in extracurricular activities, honors courses, vocational electives and UIL competitions.
    • Computer devices will be distributed to Virtual Learners who need them. Virtual Learners will indicate their need for devices during the registration process. Devices will be distributed through students' home campuses.
    • Attendance will be based on daily progress monitoring and work submission through THL 3.0 and Edgenuity. 

    Virtual Learning Courses & Grading

    Core (required) courses including Elective Courses will be available to virtual learning students. Electives will be selected by Virtual Learners just as they would for Face-to-Face Learning, with the exception of the limitations to the virtual curriculum.  The availability of electives for Virtual Learners will depend on student enrollment numbers and the courses available through THL 3.0 and Edgenuity.   

    Regardless of which learning option you choose for your child, the expectations for coursework and the grading system will be the same for both Face-to-Face and Virtual Learning. Denver City ISD believes this is the most fair and equitable solution for all our students. Applicable courses in 9-12 grade will be included in calculating GPA and class rank for both Face-to-Face and Virtual Learners.

    DCISD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    DCISD is accepting requests from parents wishing to select the Virtual Instruction Model for their student(s) for the 2020-2021 school year. The deadline for submission of the MOU for the first 9-weeks is August 5th. Any submitted MOUs after this date is subject to Campus Principal approval.



    Virtual Learning MOU by Campus in English and Spanish (Please click on the campus your child will be attending)

    Denver City High School

    Gravitt Junior High

    Kelley Elementary 

    Dodson Primary