Welcome to Mr. Foote's 4th Grade Science Class!
William Foote
  • NAME: Bill Foote
    CAMPUS: Kelley Elementary
    GRADE: 4th 
    SUBJECTS: Science
    BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME: bill.foote@dcisd.org

    CERTIFICATION/DEGREE INFO: B.S. Health & Physical Education - Southern Oregon College; Special Education Coursework - University of Oregon; M.S. Ed. Special Education - Southern Oregon University
    HOMETOWN/BACKGROUND: Auburn, CA/ Have been teaching in some degree since 1992. Have taught in all grades levels from being a tutor, substitiute and full time educator
    HOBBIES: Computers, Woodworking, minor  mechnaical fixes including cars and household situations
    FAMILY: Debbie, Will, LeAnn, William, James, Alexis and Joseph
    FAVORITE QUOTE: "Unless a man is given more than he can possibly do, he will never do all that he can possibly achieve." - Pastor Jim Boyd