Tina King

About Mrs. King

  • NAME: Tina King
    CAMPUS: Junior High
    GRADE: 6-8th
    SUBJECTS: Reading (6th); Dyslexia (6-8th)
    BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME: tina.king@dcisd.org

    CERTIFICATION/DEGREE INFO: B.A. - UTPB; Dyslexia Specialist - Scottish Rites Learning Center
    HOMETOWN/BACKGROUND: Graduated from Kermit High School
    HOBBIES: Reading
    FAMILY: Todd (Husband) and three sons - Brandon, Jared, and Kaleb.
    FAVORITE QUOTE: If you don't have time to do it right, you must have time to do it over. 
    WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO "BE DC": Being DC means high expectations and pride in our schools.