• Auditions for 2 Fall Productions! 

    Fall Production 1        Fall Production 2


    Fall Production Auditions


    August 28, 29, & 30

    "A Midsummer Night's Dream"-William Shakespeare



    You may pick up audition packets in the Drama Room, inside the Library beginning, Wednesday, August 23, from the new theatre teacher, Ms. Gloria McLuckie.

    Auditions will be held during the school day or directly after school in the Drama Room.




     Theatre Production 1-4, Technical Theatre,
    Theatre Arts I, JH Theatre Arts

    *Be Positive
    *Be Punctual
    *Be Prepared
    Each student has received a syllabus with
    my expectations in detail.
    • The work place, including the theatre, must be positive so creativity can take place during every rehearsal.  For this reason, our rehearsals are closed except to DCHS administration.
    • Students have received a rehearsal schedule for each play this semester.  The company member will receive 2 schedules, one for them and one for home. If your child works, they also have a schedule for their boss. We will adhere to that schedule unless there is an emergency that arises.
    • If there is an emergency, with a change in rehearsal times, I will let the students know first thing in the morning.
    • Students must always have a pencil and script with them during EVERY REHEARSAL
    • Please know that if a student misses 2 rehearsals for any reason, there is the possibility of removal from the company. I am insistent that students attend SCHOOL EVERYDAY!  This way, they may also attend rehearsals and performances.